【Furoshiki】104 Shigeyama Sengorou Kyogen | Ajisai&Cho Blue【風呂敷】茂山千五郎家 狂言装束文様 あじさいに蝶 ソラ | INSIDE LOCAL JAPAN SHOP

【Furoshiki】104 Shigeyama Sengorou Kyogen | Ajisai&Cho Blue【風呂敷】茂山千五郎家 狂言装束文様 あじさいに蝶 ソラ

Product Description

The design that draws florets on one side and scatters leaves inside flowers probably represents hydrangea. Contrasting the bold composition with the bottom is interesting, even if you spread it into a tapestry or rug, you can enjoy bold and delicate charm even if you wrap something.

Product Details

Dimensions : 104 x 104 cm (40.9″ x 40.9″).
Weight : 341g.
Material : 100% cotton.
Made in Japan.
Bag etc..

Shigeyama Sengorou Kyogen

“Noh farce” is one of categories of Noh plays. Sengoro Shigeyama is distinguished family. The pattern of Noh cloth from generation and generation, This series is Sengoro Shigeyama’s official recognition pattern. Please using interior decoration and tapestry this un conventional pattern.

*We will contact you in case this product is out of stock when you place your order. We kindly ask for your understanding.

茂山千五郎家 狂言装束文様 あじさいに蝶 ソラ



・素材:綿 100%







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