【Furoshiki】68 Ukiyo-e Rayon Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing | Akafuji Navy Blue【風呂敷】二巾浮世絵ちりめん友禅 黒富士(山下白雨) | INSIDE LOCAL JAPAN SHOP

【Furoshiki】68 Ukiyo-e Rayon Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing | Akafuji Navy Blue【風呂敷】二巾浮世絵ちりめん友禅 黒富士(山下白雨)

Product Description

South Wind, Clear Sky (The Red Fuji) / Hokusai
One of the masterpieces of Hokusai’s oeuvre. It is also called the red Fuji. Hokusai captured the moment in early autumn when the morning sun covers Mt.Fuji in red creating an imposing atmosphere

Product Details

Dimensions : 68 x 68 cm (26.8″ x 26.8″).
Weight : 93 g.
Material : 100% Rayon.
Made in Japan.
Gift Wrapping (Bottle etc..)

68 Ukiyo-e Rayon Chirimen Yuzen Dyeing

This series is a Ukiyoe design for furoshiki (produced by Musubi) “Ukiyoe chirimen yuzen” A piece of plane furoshiki can be changed its face depending on what is being wrapped. It looks like modern art. Japanese and overseas friends can both enjoy Japanse traditional art. Currently we add 2 new designs : Kurofuji of HOKUSAI and Cats Suggested As The Fifty Three Stations Of The Tokaido of KUNIYOSHI. Please enjoy wrapping bottle of sake for giftsand souvenirs.

*We will contact you in case this product is out of stock when you place your order. We kindly ask for your understanding.

二巾浮世絵ちりめん友禅 黒富士(山下白雨) チャ



・素材:レーヨン 100%







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